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Our critters have changed a great deal since I first posted this page.  Our flock of chickens, guineas and turkeys were killed off by cats and wildlife last fall.  Over the summer we will be building a better coop with a detachable chicken tractor.  Next spring, we will buy a new flock and let them run around in the chicken tractor during the day until they are trained to go into their coop at night and are large enough to be able to get away from the barn cats.
Our 1 year old Hampshire ewe now has a new Hampshire ram to keep her company.  He is just now old enough to breed with her.  We have decided to let them run together and let nature decide when she will breed.  The neighbor we bought them from says that the ewe will not likely breed until fall.  Either way, we will be happy to let nature have it's own timing.

"Angel", Our Hampshire ewe

"Midas". our Hampshire ram