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One of the challenges that are faced when hand quilting in a small area is the lack of space for a frame. The long frames are much too large for any of the rooms in our home.  I also didn't want a hoop style frame.  Having little ones and now a puppy also in the home, I don't like risking the quilt getting dirty or possible being tripped over.  So, how do you hand quilt in a small space?
I found the answer in a blog entry.  In her "Quilt as You Go" post, Andrea (Welsh Quilter) gives illustrated instructions on how to piece together your quilt without a frame. 
I loved her directions and the detail that she gives.  I am now working on some blocks to put together using her method.  As I start constructing the actual quilt, I will share pictures to illustrate how I am doing it.
Recently, I was able to get the patterns for a quilted Christmas stocking on Ebay.  The stockings feature a 6 inch (finished) block as the focal point.  I am now working on the designs for our holiday stockings.  I have already decided on using Sunbonnet Sue for Abbie's and Overall Sam for Micah's.  I am going to be doing most of the sewing by hand.  If it is getting too close to the holiday, I will get out the sewing machine, but for now I am enjoying sewing by hand as much as possible.