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Jones Family
September 2008


Our family is starting a new adventure.  We are now going to be living an off-grid, non-electric.  We will have no computer access for a time until we are able to get an alternative energy system in place to run the computer, possibly this autumn.  Until then, we hope that you will enjoy the information that we have on the site. 

Welcome to our family’s website!  On these pages, we will share our experiences as a homesteading family.


Though my husband has lived here for 5 yrs., it has only been in the last couple of years that we have started working towards making this a functioning homestead.  Our goal is simple, to live a God-reliant life and by His grace be able to support our family through the resources available to us here on the homestead.


Why do we say a “God-reliant” life?  To say a self-reliant life would imply that we are able to do it all on our own without the help of the Lord or anyone else.   We know that it is only by the Lord’s grace that we have the rains needed to grow our garden and the grasses for our livestock.  It is by His grace that we have healthy animals to provide our family’s food.  By His grace, we are healthy and physically able to do the work necessary to support our family.


Throughout the website, we hope to provide information and ideas that will help to bless others as they work towards finding ways to provide for their family on a limited budget and yet in a healthier manner.  We don’t profess to have all the answers, but merely are sharing our experiences of what has proven to work for our family. 


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