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September 2008

Greetings and welcome to my pages. 

I am an old-fashioned woman by today’s standards.  I love living the plain and simple lifestyle.  Though I was not raised Amish or Mennonite, our family had friends who were Old Order Amish.  Their lifestyle influenced me greatly as I was growing up and it still does today.  I follow the practice of the headship covering and modest dress.  I also believe in the teachings given by the Apostle Paul that a wife is to be in submission to her husband’s authority.  


My beloved, Joe, and I have two children, a daughter and son.  What a blessing and joy they are in our lives.  Watching the growth and changes in their development each day is amazing.  To see the world through the wonder of a child’s eyes!  Each day brings something new and exciting.


We live on a 20-acre homestead in Oklahoma.  Our home, built in the 1890’s, is one of the oldest in our community.  It still contains an old wood burning cook stove that I have the pleasure of cooking on each time the weather turns cold. 


We have a garden and a few animals for the time being.  By and by, we will be adding to them.  Our goal is to have enough animals and a large enough garden to produce all of our family’s food needs. 

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