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The Oklahoma Tomcat
September 2008

Greeting in the name of our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ.  How is everyone doing?  I pray that this message finds everyone in Good Health and Spirits.
The Lord has blessed us with a very healthy baby boy.  His name is Micah Nathaniel Jones and he was born on April 4th at 1435 CDT.  He is doing very well and is growing fast.  Paula is also doing well and is ready to get things back to normal.
I am no longer an Over the Road truck driver.  I now work at Sertco Industry Inc. in Okemah, OK.  I a janitor/maintnance man and I also do yard work for them.  I work from 0700 to 1530 CDT Monday through Friday.
Now that I am home I am able to take care of some much needed yard work at home and try to get the house cleared out.  We have lots of things around the house that we don't need.  We are far from being done but we are making progress.  We have started boxing up all the things we no longer need and holding a freecycle yard sale.  You can read about this on my blog and see the add in our classifieds page.
Well, not much more to say here.  If you want to learn more or talk to me you can read my blog, e-mail me or catch me on yahoo messange.  My Yahoo Screen name is oktomcat.  Take care and God Bless.
The Oklahoma Tomcat