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My Winter Daily Routine:
Living a somewhat non-electric lifestyle, you have to make changes in the old routines.  We only have electricity for the major appliances and 2 outlets for things like the computer, my sewing machine, and the grain mill.  This brings with it the challenge to get everything done during daylight hours.  In the summer when daylight lasts longer, this is easy.  Winters however, when daylight hours are shorter, it can be more difficult.  This is where our lifestyle of simplicity helps.
I prefer to start my day before sunrise.  This gives me time to prepare myself for the day before the little ones begin waking up.  Our children rise early also.  They typically are awake by 7:00am. 
The first task each morning is a couple of loads of laundry.  I wash by hand as often as possible.  I prefer doing this task before the little ones are awake so that I can work more efficiently and the job gets done faster.
Once the laundry is drying, I have time for a cup of tea and start making breakfast.  By the time breakfast is finished, the little ones are awake and ready to start their day.  After they are dressed and have eaten their breakfast, they play while I clean up the breakfast dishes & straighten the kitchen.
I work on other rooms throughout the morning.  By lunch time, most of the household tasks are completed.  We have our lunch and Micah goes down for a nap.  Often, I will start dinner preparations at this time.  Abigail and I work on her preschool activities while Micah naps.  It gives us a nice amount of one-on-one time to spend together.  We read a Bible story, practice her letters, numbers, colors & shapes.  Afterwards, Abigail takes her nap. 
While she is napping, I am using the time to work on sewing projects that need to be completed.  Anything from sewing more prefold diapers to clothing.  I am now starting to sew items for our Etsy store.
Joe arrives home from work in the late afternoon and by 5:30pm we are able to have our dinner.  This gives me time to get the dinner dishes cleaned up before nightfall.
We follow a "farmer's schedule" in our routine.  Often we are in bed by 9:00pm.  this has many benefits.  We do not use as much oil in the lamps and we are well rested to start a new day the following morning.
Once summer arrives, my routine changes to include gardening, canning, and the other tasks that come along with the warm season.  Our lifestyle picks up it's pace as the daylight hours increase.  Each winter, I look forward to the work of the warmer months.  It is a time of accomplishing much.  Yet, I know that once we are in the height of that busy season, I will be looking forward to the more relaxed pace of winter again.