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We wanted to setup a links page that allowed our visitors to post links to their favorite websites and be able to post their personal website.  So, with the help of  We now have a way to do that.  Visit our Links Page to view our favorite website, view our visitors favorite website, and post your favorite websites.

If you come across any bad links or links that have been closed on our links page, please send an e-mail to and give us the name of the link and the website address so that we can remove it from our links page.  If you have posted a link on our page that has been canceled, please let us know so that we can remove it.  Thank you.

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Our Classifieds page allows you to post an ad for other visitors to see.  If you are selling something or looking for something then go to our classifieds page and either post the item or look to see if someone is selling the item you are looking for.  This service is free to post and view.  Keep in mind that The Jones Family Homestead Website is a family friendly website.  Please do not post anything that is inappropriate.

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